Monday, 29 July 2013

Quest #6 Playgrounds


Design and build your ideal school playground in Minecraft.
Do some research, take notes of the designs that inspire you.
Use signposts to label the different activities and areas.

Write a short comment on why you think your playground is ideal.
Send a screenshot of your playground to

Use ideal or a synonym for ideal in a sentence when chatting to family or friends.  

* This post was inspired by @moriarty_ok and his school Minecraft club. Thank you.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Quest #5 Pyramid Square

Pyramid of Squares

Create a pyramid using squares.
Start with your biggest square as the base.
Then each square on top of that must be one block smaller.

Here is another way to build a pyramid.
There are many different pyramid shapes, what type did you build?

How big did you make your pyramid?  Email us a screenshot for our blog.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Quest #4 Colour


Build something that you love in Minecraft.  The one rule is it must be monochrome.
Once you understand what monochrome means, get creative.

Find out what monochrome means.
This is what monochrome looks like in Google Images.
Use monochrome in a conversation with family and friends.

Shades of wool and clay
give you tools to play.

What does 'mono' mean? Can you think of other words that use 'mono'?
Leave us a comment.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Quest #3 Water

Water Water Everywhere?
  1. Create an infinite source of water for your farm.
  2. Add some interesting water features to your home and farm.

Find out what infinite means.
Here is how you can make an infinite source of water.
How far does water travel in Minecraft? (leave a comment).
Use infinite in a sentence when talking to family and friends.  (Tell us what it was, and their reaction).

Have fun and don't get wet!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Quest #2 Farm

Build a Farm
Design and build a farm for your family of four.
Think about what plants you will need to grow and how many animals you will need to keep.  

If you wish, explain your decision of farm type and size when you send in your screenshot.

House and Farm by Riley

Quest #1 Home

Build a Home
Put on your Minecraft skin, it’s time for Quest #1

Design and build a house for a family of four.  
Think about the sizes and spaces you will need.  
Be creative as you wish.

Check this out!
Jamie from Melville Intermediate
Plus read her explanation on her class blog

Welcome to Minecraft Kids Quests

Minecraft Kids Quests is a series of Minecraft challenges designed to be fun, creative and educational for primary and intermediate age students.  Work on your own and get a team together and take on the quests.  

Email your designs to me and check out the wiki for what other kids around the world have built.


  • This series gives you a great way to guide and challenge your Minecraft playing children in a positive and educational way.  It can provide you with a way to be part of the discussion and the game.  
  • Try use it as a part of your own daily school holiday programme.