Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Quest #13 Redstone

Redstone is similar to real life electricity but different in other ways. (Wall?)

Your challenge is to get creative with using redstone.  
Can you teach our readers how to build something amazing using redstone?

Trivia: Unlike other minerals, redstone is the only mineral in Minecraft which is totally fictional.  
Check out this glossary for
real life electricity words.   

Learn more: about electricity at Kids Corner.

The Welcome sign in the Creative World on Mindcraft Kids Server, driven by a minecart clock circuit.

This weeks challenge was suggested by Jack and Samuel on the ideas wall, thank you.
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Quest #12 Horses

Horses have been important animals to humans for thousands of years.  They are used for transport, racing, herding and show jumping to name just a few of their uses.

Build any type of Minecraft horse enclosure; use signs to label the different areas for visitors. Remember to sent me a screenshot or a link to your blog of your build.

* Question: What is the difference between a horse, donkey and mule?

Challenge: How do real life horses compare to Minecraft horses?

Image from

This weeks challenge was suggested by Samuel on the ideas wall, thanks Samuel.